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Power Refresh


Power Refresh is an assortment of tea and herbs to get you recharged and refreshed. With Green Tea & ingredients like Mint, Ashwagandha & White Musli, you will be a powerhouse of energy to take any task head-on!


  • Refresh & Recharge
  • Liven the Mood 
  • All Purpose Tea

Best-time to consume:


How to make:

Loose Leaf

    1. Bring a cup of water (200ml) to boil.
    2. Once boiled, turn off heat.
    3. Let the water sit for about two minutes.
    4. After this, add one to two teaspoon (2g) of this blend to the hot water and cover the lid.
    5. Let the tea brew for two to three minutes.
    6. Now, stir the tea, strain it in a cup and enjoy.

    Tea Bag
      1. Place one tea bag in a cup and add near boiling water (180-200ml).
      2. Allow it to steep for two to three minutes.
      3. Strain and take out the tea bag.
      4. Stir the tea and enjoy!

        Through this blend, we have tried to produce a tea in which:



        Fat Burn                



          • 10 minutes of jog/ 15 minutes of brisk-walking on a regular basis after consuming tea can greatly enhance results.
          • No amount/type of tea can be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.  Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise regularly.
          • All teas are diuretic in nature.
          • Drink a glass of plain lukewarm water or with lemon, in case, you are consuming tea empty on an empty stomach.
          • All our blends are 100% natural and with no added preservatives.
          • The product is not intended to be used as a substitute for healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.